Although granite is a relatively non porous material and has a high resistance to staining, it is nevertheless slightly porous and can stain if exposed to spillages of acidic or coloured substances. In order to further minimize the risk of staining we treat all our granite surfaces before it leaves the factory and again on site after installation.

We recommend that for normal household usage granite tops should be re-treated every 12 months. The product to treat is applied using a clean cotton cloth remembering that one should only apply as much as the material will absorb. Once dry buff out the surplus sealer residue with a clean dry cloth.


Marble is more porous than granite and although every bench top is treated twice with a sealer to minimize the risk of staining, care must be taken to wipe any spillage immediately before it breaks down the sealer and makes the surface more vulnerable to staining.

As with granite we recommend that for wet areas e.g. vanity tops, re-sealing every twelve months with an appropriate sealer. In kitchen applications we recommend re-sealing every 6 months.

Regular maintenance of Marble & Granite

Regular maintenance in the form of periodic washing with warm, clean water is all that is required to keep your bench top looking like new. If necessary to use a detergent, it is important that it be a neutral product like phosphate free biodegradable liquid dish soaps.